Key themes of Sustainable Road Transport Show 2024 announced

1 February 2024
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Discover the Key Themes of Sustainable Road Transport Show 2024 :  


Net zero: commercial & passenger fleet decarbonisation:

With sustainability now at the forefront of the commercial and passenger fleet industry, priorities and mounting pressures to decarbonise an entire industry at record speed – the race to net zero is arguably one of the biggest challenges the industry has faced in recent decades. Despite its complexity, the industry has an unique advantage to thrive on these new opportunities and create exciting innovations as a result.  

In these sessions, audiences will understand the current ‘state of the nation’ when it comes to the true reality of commercial and passenger fleet decarbonisation in the UK. With industry leading experts, consultancies and Governments providing their crucial perspectives on what the future looks like for the industry, addressing the challenges on migrating to electrification and other low carbon models, and guidance on phased fleet replacement, are all crucial debates our audience will value. 

EV charging solutions, infrastructure & energy: 

There is notably a lack of adequate charging infrastructure solutions for commercial and passenger fleets across the UK. Finding solutions is imperative for organisations in order to transition fleets to electrification. These sessions will deep dive into the challenges that are blocking meaningful progress, such as securing financial backing, Government funding and support, operational efficiency, national wide battery technology and infrastructure solutions, all of which will be debated and immediate actions outlined, by a range of industry experts. Discussions around alternative fuels such as gas, biodiesel and hydrogen will also take form in these important debates. 

Future roads, cities, and transport: 

What does the future look like for a fully transitioned passenger vehicle fleet and how do you get there? This is a daunting challenge the industry is facing, but what knowledge and expertise can be shared from first mover cities and countries, who have navigated challenges successfully and are already operating fully transitioned commercial and passenger fleets? This unpack will be a fundamental session to understand further the art of the possible and what key takeaways can organisations take and implement within their own commercial strategies. 

Fleet efficiency through technology: 

Identifying urgent fleet efficiency measures to enable steps towards decarbonisation and making a reality for all operators, is a hurdle the industry is working to overcome. Technology plays a vital role in providing solutions, and these sessions will bring thought leaders together to explore the latest in fleet technology developments across the industry and how these advancements will provide short and long term solutions to achieving net zero targets. 

OEM innovation:

OEMs are developing new low carbon vehicles, whether they be EV, hydrogen or hydrogen fuel cell across HGV, light commercial vehicles, buses and coaches. But what is available now and what does the future look like in 10 years’ time as we approach 2035 targets? What can fleet operators expect as we move towards 2035 and beyond? These are just some of the questions which will be posed to our expert OEMs, and audiences can engage through interactive Q&A. 

Financing the transition: 

If you’re a fleet operator, what new financing models for vehicles are available? And how do organisations finance new EV infrastructure and depot charging solutions? Government backing, funding, and incentives are all answers to a number of ongoing barriers to making fleet decarbonisation a reality. Companies are working to commit to these net zero targets, however this requires essential funding and support. Listen to the latest developments from a broad range of financial perspectives, and underpin what tangible outcomes companies can take away and apply to their organisation 




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